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Soft Brush Shaving Cream

Soft Brush Shaving Cream

A soft creamy texture to be used with or without a shaving brush. Easy to use, it perfectly adheres to the skin, for a soft beard effect, optimising the smooth sliding of the razor for an accurate and delicate shave. The presence of Eudermic oils means it does not dry at the skin and prevents the appearence of redness and irritation. Hyaluronic Acid contributes to create a protective layer on the skin, reducing the stress on the skin caused by razor blades. The swirling movement observed when applying the product lifts the hair for a more accurate and effective shaving action, reducing ingrown hairs. After shaving, the residual cream should be removed with cold water.

125 gr

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The Line


Collezione Barbiere is a contemporary and unmistakeably Italian revisiting of the traditional art of shaving. A line that Acqua di Parma developed for a sophisticated man who takes his personal care and wellbeing very seriously. High quality products, delicately scented with Colonia fragrance (with its rich and comforting textures), as well as accessories of innovative and elegant design.

The collection is ideal for an experience of the timeless ritual of shaving, with an all-Italian taste and impeccable results. Not for nothing did Gioachino Rossini base two of his most famous operas on the figure of the barber. Shaving – a veritable daily ritual – has always had highly symbolic connotations for the Italian man of class. Long-established, prestige barbers in Italy still have high society clients, financiers, artists and aesthetes.

This is why the new Acqua di Parma boutique in via Gesù, on the corner of via Monte Napoleone, offers its customers an exclusive traditional shaving ritual, in a room with cashmere wall coverings. For the contemporary dandy.